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A Lecture on Finance
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Given the circumstance that “campus loan” occurred frequently, the Department of Student Affairs and the Bank of Communications had a joint effort to hold a lecture. The lecture entitled “more financial knowledge, more guarantee on property” was held on September, 9, in Rm.107 of Zhiyu building. More than 360 students attended the lecture.

The lecture adopted the view of analyzing personal financing knowledge, protecting themselves from being cheated in telecommunication fraud ,speaking of the importance of keeping one’s personal information safe through vivid cases and telling them the right way to avoid fraud along with the significance of adopting a reasonable concept of consumption.

Throughout the lecture, the atmosphere was active and students found it related to their daily lives. At the end of the lecture, students were reluctant to leave and kept raising questions. Also, they had some insightful discussions on finance with staffs from the bank.

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