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Military Training in the Class of 2016(Part II)
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From Sept.19to 24, all freshmen from the class of 2016 proceeded on their military trainingon west and south campus.

With falling down on the ground again andagain, the girls were waving their staggers to perform a military parade. At the moment, they were no longer the beloved daughters but ordinary members in the military training. In order to perform well, they dropped to the ground many times to make it better, even bruising their arms. They kept practicing until the military instructor asked them to stop. They were lovely female soldiers by demonstrating that women were no inferior to men.


In their training, they shouted “yes” loudly for three times to show young men’s determination, confidence and ambition. Rome was not built in a day.So they must have harsh training to make their parade of military boxing perfect.


    The foot formation practiced running while shouting slogans loudly time and time again. This was what we usually saw in the training field. They practiced out of breath day and night,they would pinch themselves to go on when felt sleepy. After the repetition of practicing,the formation formed into a beautiful picture by changing the position inparade, which left a good memory to them. It was you who devoted yourself to the military training just for showing amazing picture to all! Well done!





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