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A Lecture on Law and Safety
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   On the afternoon of sept., 29, a lecture on law and safety was held in Rm. 119 of Zhiwen building by the Security Office and the School of Humanities and Media. Zhu Ting, a policewoman in Legal Affairs Branch of Xinpu Public Security Bureau, gave the speech. Student representatives from the School of Humanities and Media attended the lecture.


In the lecture, Zhu Ting aroused the students’ great interest and attention on law by having exchanges with them, which could help them understand law easily. She also talked about some cases that happened in Xinpu District and used them as examples to show the necessity and importance of safe and legal education. So she pointed out that,being college students, they shouldn’t break a law and should be law-abiding men.

At the same time, Zhu Ting introduced some cases about online fraud to teach everyone how to avoid being cheated. Don’t be so ignorant and trust others easily.They should safeguard their personal security and safety of their own property.




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