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The Completion of Training Program on Earthenware
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     On the morning of October, 31,a ceremony was held in ceramic art studio of the School of Fine Arts, Zunyi Normal College. It was the completion of training program on earthenware which aimed to train successors of intangible cultural heritage in Guizhou Province.


On the ceremony, a representative from trainees said that it broadened his views on molding and creativity, deepened the relationship among successors upon the completion of this training program. And it also showed a clear direction for his future development. So he hoped that there would be more programs for successors of intangible cultural heritage.

This 15-day training program was hosted by the Intangible Cultural Heritage Department of the Ministry of Culture and Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture, organized by Zunyi Normal College. It offered many courses, such as, aesthetics, art theory, the history of crafts, creative design and ethnology, etc.., which focused on the training of cultural consciousness, aesthetic judgment and molding ability for successors. Also, the cultivation of producing, marketing by new media and advertising were included.





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