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A Platform of Parallel Computing on Big Data Put into Operation
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    On Novermber, 10, a platform of parallel computing on big data was officially put into operation on the Website of Zunyi Normal College, which was told by the Network and Educational Technology Center of ZYNC. The platform had two systems: XData-SDH and XData-EDU.

    XData-SDH was a system based on big data and was used for installment, configuration and administration of the Hadoop. It could simplify the procedures for installment of the Hadoop for use and maintenance by Web with large quantities of data processing. XData-SDH would provide a good experience and excellent service for users when accessing to it.

    Based on big data, XData-EDU was a teaching and practice training system for teaching, experimenting and training. Its functions included experimental development & testing environment, experimental operation and management, and teaching management system. At the same time, it could provide practical teaching course and experimental course combined with practical programs which gave a support for the cultivation of talents for big data and technological research.




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