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19 of Our Faculty Were Selected to the Team of High-level Technological Talents
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    On December 12th,journalist learned from the office of scientific research of our college, inthe appraise and elect of 2016 high-level technological and creative talentsorganized by Guizhou Science and Technology Agency, One of our faculty, HuangChibao was selected to the team of hundred high-level technological talents(hieis the unique one in local college was seleceted), Zhou Hai, Ouyang Aijia,Yangxiong, Li ping, Xiong Bailian, He Juan, He Jun, He Li, Zhang Bolin, YinMinzhi, Liu Ting, Huang Chengqiang, Wu Yanan, Tan Biao, Wang Qian, lv Wei, DengLixi and Liu Xiaoyong were selected to the team of thousand High-levelTechnological and Creative Talents.


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