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Our Students Get Good Achievements in the Qualification Trails of the 5th Compre
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 On December 18th ,Thequalification trails of the 5th Comprehensive Ability Competition ofEngineering Training in Guizhou Competition area was held in Guiyang, 59representative teams from 7 colleges of Guizhou took part in it.

 This completion have three programsincluding “S track”,”8 shape track”and “round track”, there were 6 first prizes,many other prizes and 8 qualification for national competition. Zunyi NormalCollege sent four representative teams to take part in the competition. Afterfierce competition, our teams have won three first prizes , one excellentprizes and one quota for national competition.

The National College Students Comprehensive AbilityCompetition of Engineering Training is a creative and practical competitionfacing students from the whole country and supported by the Ministry ofEducation and The National Financial Department. Its content is lined up tocollege engineering training teaching, embodying the innovative designingability in machine, craft making ability, manipulative ability, engineeringmanagement ability and team cooperation ability, and aiming at motivatingcollege students’ interests in carrying our scientific research andexploration, enhancing engineering practical ability, innovative sense and thecultivation on the spirit of cooperation. The competition is held every twoyears.

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