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Zunyi Normal University, with a hundred year’s tradition for potential teachers’education, is located at Zunyi, Guizhou province, a city well-known for “aturning point ” in the history of Chinese revolution. The year 1907 witnessedthe birth of Zunyi Primary Normal School under the concept of“training teachersfor education”, which laid down the foundation for modern teachers’ educationin Zunyi. Then, Zunyi Normal Specialized School was officially founded in 1958and upgraded to Zunyi Normal University in 2001. The university successfully passedthe university teaching proficiency assessment of the Ministry of Education withgood performance in 2007. what’s more, it was awarded “a university with beautifulcampus in Guizhou” , “a university with distinctive culture” and “ a civilizationunit around China” in 2008, 2011 and 2014 respectively.

Zunyi Normal University is a school with red revolution tradition. When the Red Army passed by Zunyiduring the Long March, revolutionists of the oldergeneration such as Mao Zedong and Zhu De held the meetings of tens of thousandsof people at the original location of the college and the students influencedby the revolutionary thought enthusiastically participated in the revolution.The school also became the spreading center of new ideas and cultures in thenorth of GuiZhou Province.

After hundreds of years’ development, the university has formed the school motto of“making people with virtues and studious for practical purposes”, the school spiritsof “abiding by morality and justice, cultivating quality and encouraging study”,the teaching style of “valuing both quality and ability and highlighting bothvirtue and knowledge”, and the learning style of “devoting to learning andthinking, pursuing knowledge and truth”. Following the duty of “keeping afoothold in the west and serving the mountainous area”, the university haseducated a large number of excellent primary and secondary school teachers whotake root in and work at the basic level of the western areas.

With the comprehensivereform and the transformation of higher education, Zunyi Normal University hasconstantly put forward new ideas of development. It centers on education,teaching and personnel training, strives to create a comprehensive universityand to train high quality applied talents to meet the needs of local economicand social development, highlighting application, locality andmulti-disciplines, in order to achieve the purpose of the transformation ofhigher education from teacher-training-orientation to comprehensive education,from elementary-education orientation to all-round service to the developmentof local economy and social progress, from basic theoretic cultivation to thetraining of practical ability, and from basic theoretic research to applicationstudies. Concisely, that is “one center”, “two objectives”, “three highlights”,and “four transformations”.

Zunyi Normal University has four campuses, covering an area of 752 mu, with the house-building area of330 thousand square meters; besides, the new campus named “Xinpu” underconstruction covers an area of 2000 mu. The university has 1129 staff members,including 728 full-time teachers. Among these full teachers, 412 are withmaster degree, 110 are with doctoral degree, 123 are professors and 341 arevice-professors. There are 22 educational departments with 60 majors (including3 provincial majors) covering 9 branches of learning (including 4 provincialelite course program)such as literature, science, engineering, agriculture,laws, pedagogy, history, administration, etc. And there are about 12987undergraduates enrolled from all over China, in addition, there are about 70international students from Russia, Laos, Tanzania, etc. Currently it has 1 keyfeatured disciplines, 3 key disciplines of provincial level,  and  6key supporting disciplines of the provincial level. There are 2 eliteprovincial teachers. And the university possesses 1 provincial teaching pilotcenter, 2 provincial teams for technological innovation, 2 provincial teams forteaching program, 2 key featured labs with provincial level, 1 provincialengineering center and 2 research base for humanities and social sciences  of college/university in Guizhou province. In2011, the college was granted by the Ministry of Education as the title of “TheBase School for Educating Red Classical Arts ”, and in 2013, the researchcenter for CPC’s spirit and cultural resources in this university was conferred bythe Ministry of Education as the title of “Research Base for Humanities andSocial Sciences”. In spite of the fierce competition about employment, the jobrate in the university can still maintain 90%, or above.

Zunyi Normal University is now dedicated to uniting all of its talents andgathering its energy to become an example of application-oriented university.With the Scientific Development Outlook as the guideline, we are committed todeepening the reform and strengthening our innovation ability. We are strivingto improve the teaching and scientific research ability of our teachers andperfect and optimize our educational majors. Our mission is to educate ourstudents in education, engineering, agriculture, economy, business andmanagement that will best serve the economic, social, and cultural developmentof the region and the nation. We are focused on cultivating the high-qualitytalents with the spirit of devotion, innovation, and cooperation. We arededicated to building an open, innovative, cooperative and excellentapplication-oriented university that will support the cultural, economic andsocial development of the region with talents, intelligence and advancedtechnology.

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