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School of Humanities and Media(Tel: 0086-852-8923425

With the strength of teaching and scientific research, Chinese literature has been chosen as demonstration major of provincial level, literature and art the key discipline, Contemporary Literature.Chinese philology and Chinese teaching and theory the educational highlights of institute-level.We have a set of standard and strict student management and we attach importance to the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality.

School of Politics and Economic Mangement(Tel:0086-852-8927146   )

Founded in 2002,the school is equipped with four teachingand research sections: the section of law, philosophy, economics and basic education. Now we have one key discipline of  department level, two excellent courses and six projects of provincial level.With a reasonable teacher arrangement, teaching quality has been improving steadily.

School of Foreign Languages and Literature(Tel: 0086-852-0852-8924519  )

School of Foreign Languagesand Literature  The school was established in 1978. We have a group ofexcellent teachers who are specialized both in teaching and researching. Now we have one discipline of two professional directions: English literature andEnglish translation. Over the years, we have cultivated many qualified teachers for primary and secondary schools through comprehensive quality education aswell as rigorous and standard professional training, which plays an increasingly important part in the development of economy and society as wellas the popularization of the foundation education in Guizhou province.

School of Mathematics and Computing Science(Tel: 0086-0852-8924097

The school is one of the earliest-established departments in our college.Now we have opened such majors as applied mathematics (normal) and science of statistics(non-normal). Through the evaluation of provincial government,we now have the authority to grant bachelor's degree of applied mathematics.Besides,we are equipped with six teaching and research sections for function theory, algebra and geometry, applied mathematics, advance dmathematics, basic education and statistics.

School of Physics and Mechanical-Electrical Engineering (Tel: 0086-852-8927153

The school is the key construction department in Zunyinormal college. Now we offer to students four majors: physics, scienceeducation, electrical automation technology and applied electronic technology.Such majors as numerical control technology, mold design and manufacturing,science and technology for electronic information, and electrical engineeringand automation are under construction. Our department is equipped with onetheoretical physics research center and five teaching and research rooms fo rtheoretical physics, basic education, science education, electronic engineering and electrical engineering.

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (Tel:0086-852-8927159

We have three majors for undergraduates: chemicaleducation, applied chemistry and materials chemistry. To guarantee our teachingand researching to be carried out smoothly, we have set up an experiment management institution, an electrochemical research institute and seven teaching and research sections for inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry,analytical chemistry, physic chemistry, basic education, materials chemistryand applied chemistry.

School of Life Sciences  (Tel:0086-852-8927815

In our school, bioscience received its title of demonstration major in Guizhou province in 2008. Plant biotechnology, the news pecialty of national strategy, was allowed to set up in our college in 2010.In2002, our normal biological experiment teaching center has passed the provincial assessment of basic course teaching laboratory in higher school. Through the constant constructions, the area of the laboratory is about 1546 square meters with 657 various instruments and equipments which are worthy of 5,144,815 RMB.

Department of Computer and Information Science (Tel: 0086-852-8927172

The department of computer science was built in 1999. Webegan to admit undergraduates in 2003. Presently, computer science and  communication engineering are two majors in our department. We have five teaching and research sections for software engineering, network engineering, communicationengineering, specialty foundation and public computer. The subject of computer software and theory has been rewarded as the key course of college level, which paves the solidfoundation for sustainable development of our department.

School of Education Science (Tel:0086-852-8922886

The department of education science has developed onthe basis of the teaching and research section for pedagogical psychology whichwas established in 1958 and in 1998 we named it the department of education management. In 2001, we renamed it the department of education science. Now we have opened the major of applied psychology for bachelor degree. In our department, we have 23 full-time teaching and administrative staffs, an administrative office and six teaching and research sections for Curriculum theory, teaching theory, psychological consultation and treatment, human resource management, public psychology education and basic education.Additionally, we have set up two centers, psychology & pedagogyexperimental center and Psychological consulta.

Department of ElementaryEducation (Tel:0086-852-8925590

We have two majors for undergraduates of primary school education and preschool education with three majorfields. With an excellent teaching team, the pre-school education in our department was rewarded as the key discipline in Zunyi normal college and the key subject supported  by government.

School of Historical Culture and Tourism (Tel:0086-852-8929529

The department of history is originally the department of politics and history established in 1985. We renamed it th department of history after 2001 when Zunyi normal college was promoted to have the qualification of admitting undergraduate students. After the establishment of our department, we have been devoted to cultivate over 1300 students into  qualified teachers for middle school and talents for administrative management. We have four teaching and research sections and the undergraduate program for history and tourism management(including undergraduate course for tourism management and foreign tourism and specialized subject for tourism management).

School of Physical Education (Tel:         E-Mail    )

The physical education department was built in 1988. Nowwe have 44 full-time teachers graduated from different universities of physical education. We also have various sports venues of 45559.63M2 including a standard track field of 400m, a track field of 300m, a comprehensive gymnasium, a swimming pool, standard outdoor courts for basketball, volleyball,and tennis.

School of Music and Dance  (Tel:0086-852-8929075

The school is among departments of the largest scale andfastest development. We have two independent music teaching buildings of 5,000square metres, in which there is a professional performance hall, one multimedia classroom, two digital piano rooms, four professional classrooms,some rehearsal rooms, dancing rooms, reference rooms, acoustics rooms and offices.

School of Arts(Tel:0086-852-8924338

The school was established independently in May 2003 andwas authorized to open undergraduate education in September 2004. Since then wehave begun to admit students of art education and grant bachelor degree. Now we have five teaching and research rooms for fundamental painting, oil painting, industrial art and design, Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy. In termsof hardware facilities, we have a completely independent teaching building with all reference resources and painting materials that can meet the need of art teaching.

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