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My Eyes are Blind, But My Heart Can See
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On the evening of November 22nd, hundreds of teachers and students gathered at the Academic Hall to watch the video of a middle school teacher,Liu Fang.

Recently, the story of a junior school teacher, Liu Fang, has touched manyhearts across China. Liu Fang is a Chinese teacher of the Third Middle School of Baiyun District. In 1997, she was diagnosed as a patient of PR (pigmentarydegeneration of retina). She had very poor eyesight. In 1997, she lost her eyes completely. However, she didn’t give up hope and still worked as a teacher inthe middle school. She couldn’t see but she could hear. With the help of her colleagues, she managed to teach very successfully. Her students liked her verymuch. They called her Helen Keller of China. 

“Miss Liu Fang tells us not to give up on ours dreams forever. If you are willing to do something, you can make the impossible possible.” One student said after she watched the video.

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