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An English Debate Held at the School of Foreign Studies
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At 7:00 pm, December 23rd, an English debate on “Should Chinese people celebrate Western Festivals?” is held at the Meeting Room of the Comprehensive Building. The eight debaters are junior students from the English majors. The judges are teachers of the School of Foreign Studies.

Christmas is coming near. This debate comes just in the right time. Shouldwe Chinese celebrate Western Festivals? Some say yes because we should keep in touch with the world. We can learn different cultures of other peoples and enrich ours at the same time. It is a win-win situation. However, others think that celebrating western festivals is a threat to our own festivals, like Spring Festival. A lot of people say that Spring Festival is no longer what they remember when they were young. Even worse, some don’t celebrate Spring Festival at all.

In the end, the affirmatives win the debate. Also, the best debater comes from the affirmatives. 

An insider says that this debate is a part of the series activities in the Christmas Month. Such activities are great opportunities for students to practice their English and are welcome by all of the students.

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