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It's worthwhile to spend money on a nice house
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A: The apartment I looked today was pretty decent. It's around 90 square meters and big enough for the two of us.

B: What is it like?

A: It's a double-bedroom and one-lounge apartment with a dining-room and a big balcony. The surrounding area is very quiet and safe. And it's got a lot of trees and plants. There is a park beside the residential district, and one has a good view of it in the balcony.

B: That's good. What about the price?

A:20,000 Yuan per square meter.

B: That's expensive indeed.

A: Yeah, but you know, the residential district is located at the center part of the city and it has a very good environment.

B: Anyway, it's worthwhile to be a big-time spender on a nice house and then you could live a comfortable life in it.

A: That's exactly what I have in mind. Then I have to consider applying for housing loans. If the bank won't lend me the money I need, I'll be in a real mess.


big-time spender: 出手阔绰的人。

big-time 本身是一条俚语,其意思是“某一职业中收入或地位最高的人”或“享有最高待遇的人”;因此,a big-time spender的字面意思是“最高一级的消费者”, 也就是我们所说的“出手很阔的人”。

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