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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in the 21st century
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 Living in the 21st century offers certain advantages,such as a higher  standard of living, but it also has some disadvantages, such as a polluted  environment.

  To begin with, most people now have more money for less hard work. They  earn higher salaries than before and enjoy better social security, such as  social welfare for laid-off workers and disability insurance.

  Secondly, because of the advance in medical technology which leads to  better medical care and treatment, people’s life expectancy is longer. Moreover,  most people now can afford to buy foods of high nutrition and enjoy their  leisure time.

  Thirdly, modern conveniences such as radio, TV, internet, various vehicles  and labour-saving machines in the home, all greatly facilitate human  communication, transportation and housework as well.

  Nevertheless, living in the 21st century also has its disadvantages. The  most serious one is the increasingly polluted environment; air is filled with  smog and water is contaminated by iehemicals from factories.Another main  disadvantage is the personalization of human relattonships which mostly result  from people’s ever-increasing contact with machines and numbers. Still one more  disadvantage is the weakening of spiritual values. An undeniable fact is that a  large number of people are solely interested in materialistic culture,while  neglecting spiritual civilization. Limited by space, we have to skip the  examples.

  In conclusion, although the 21st century has indeed given us a lot of  advantages, it may not have made us wiser, because it has also made our earth  dirtier, our people less humane, and our spirituali iife poorer, We shpuld  continue to enjoy the benefits of technological advancement,however, we must make a concerted effort to preserve our natural environment for future  generations. Moreover, we should take the time now to make our lives more  meaningful in anihcreasingly impersonal, computerized world.

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