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On responsibility
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 We Chinese place a high value on responsibility. It is traditional deal for us Chinese to take care of our parents. We owe them a great deal for the love they give us while we are growing up. It is right, then, when they are getting older with each passing day, we help them and see that they are well cared for. In this way, we give back some of the love and care they have given to us.

  As loyal Chinese citizens, we must have a strong sense of responsibility to our country. It is our duty to keep China strong in the eyes of the world. Therefore, we should study and work hard for China’s strongness which also depends on the advanced science and technology. We must be willing to join the Army and defend our country in case we would be threatened by invaders. In short, to be a responsible citizen, we must put our country’s welfare above our own needs. Finally, we must remember that we have a responsibility to the world we live in. It is important that we learn to live in peace with the other nations in the world and to protect our environment.If we carry out these responsibilities, we will be respected citizens of our country.


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